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  • Copperhead Bloody Mary Bar

    Copperhead Bloody Mary Bar

    Copperhead Bloody Mary Mix
    Vodka and additional spirits of your choice
    Add any or all of the following garnishes in dishes that your guests can choose from:
    Pearl onions
    Pepperoncini peppers
    Assorted olives
    Baby corn
    Marinated artichoke hearts
    Dill Pickle Spears
    Marinated mushrooms
    Marinated mozzarella balls
    Cubed cheese
    Bacon strips
    Fully cooked cocktail shrimp
    Mini cheeseburger sliders
    Green onions
    Carrot sticks
    Cherry tomatoes
    Bloody Mary Salt
    Skewers and toothpicks
    Ice bucket and tongs

    Add a chalkboard or sign with instructions:
    1. Choose a glass.
    2. Salt your rim.
    3. Add some ice.
    4. Pick your poison.
    5. Add your Copperhead Bloody Mary Mix.
    6. Garnish away and enjoy!