We Have a Goal -- a BIG One

We Have a Goal -- a BIG One

Do you have a goal in life?

We do…a BIG one.

It’s been said that if your goals aren’t so big and audacious that they don’t frighten you just a little then you aren’t setting them high enough.

Well, our goal is as lofty as our majestic West Virginia mountaintops.

From its humble beginnings in a Fayette County basement, the Blue Smoke Salsa story has been one that just about everyone from the Mountain State can somehow relate.


While Blue Smoke Salsa has been around now for thirty years, we think the story is just getting started — and it’s not just about Robin Hildebrand or the team at New River Brands or even Chef Paul Smith, who just helped launch our newest product line.

We have a goal…a BIG one.

We want to build West Virginia’s first NATIONAL brand…for us.


This is OUR brand and OUR story…every person who calls or has called this beautiful, sometimes overlooked part of our country nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains home.

When you see those jars with the hazy blue mountains on a store shelf down the street or hundreds or even thousands of miles away, we hope you feel a small twinge of Mountain State pride well up inside… pride for OUR brand.

We have a goal…a BIG one.

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